Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: A Thrift Store DIY Wreath

Thrifty Thursday Project

Keep reading to see how I made a wreath out of those old blazers and skirts you are always seeing in the thrift store!  This project was cheap and FUN!


What you will need:

For the wreath:

  • scissors
  • wreath frame (shown in the pictures below)
  • the coolest fabric you can find from old skirts, shirts, blazers, and other pieces of clothing found at the thrift store (it doesn't really matter what kind of long at it is cool)

For the awesome letter embellishment:

  • wood letter and your favorite color of spray paint
  • a few drops of hot glue


This wreath frame came from Wal-Mart for $2.77.

This fabric all came from old skirts and blazers that I found...of the thrift store!!  I chose to go with a herringbone/ houndstooth scheme. My total cost here was $2.00. You certainly could use fabric from the fabric store or craft department as well!

You will want to cut the strips about 8.5" long by 1.5"wide.  I cut one and used it as a template.

Don't worry about cutting too exact!  You will find perfection in the imperfections with this project!

Petie, get out of the way! I'm trying to work!

Ok, seriously! Petie, move!

He thinks he is so cute!!  Ok.... He is! 

Finally, back to work! You will be cutting a bunch!  More than I have pictured here for sure! Since some pieces of my fabric were bigger than others to start out with (i.e. skirts and blazers not being exactly the same size), I had an uneven amount of strips!  This is where you get creative!  There are 9 sections on my wreath frame so I made 9 piles of strips and tried to keep the amounts of each fabric as even as possible in each pile... Remember, you don't have to be perfect!  I used 15-20 strips in each section.  I know! It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't!  I did this project in one evening! I probably would have been done sooner if PETIE would have left me alone for a little while!!  But, he's so sweet!  I can't fuss about him too much!  

This shows how I got started tying the knots!

Just slide the strip under the wire...

Tie one simple knot and you are done!  Just 1,884 left to go!! Ok, maybe not that many!

Keep going and just in just one evening...

a beautiful new wreath for your door!!!

Don't forget to add your letter!  I bought this wood letter at Wal-Mart for $1.77 and used some spray paint that I had already to make it this lovely avocado color!  After it dries, squirt some hot glue on the back and stick that sucker where ever your heart chooses! 

My total cost was just under $7.00!

Here to your happily ever after...picture!


P.s. Shopping at the thrift store is not only cost effective, but also eco friendly as well!  Also, most thrift stores support certain programs in our communities such as animal shelters and programs that help people in need.  My favorite is the thrift store in town set up to support our local animal shelter.  All items in the store are donated and all workers are volunteers.  100% of the money I spend there goes straight to the animals!  How awesome is that!