Sunday, January 5, 2014

Think Warm!!

School is cancelled tomorrow for me, so I have some extra time to reminisce tonight.  I have my hot tea, my blanket, and all of my travel photos that I'm looking through on Facebook.  I'm not wishing I were someplace else, exactly....I'm just trying to think of places that may warm my soul on a night like tonight.  (We are expecting -degree temps and snow here in East Tennessee tonight.)  Who knows!  I just might inspire you to start planning a little vacation yourself!

The seal sanctuary in La Jolla is a must do if you visit the San Diego area.  So sweet!

I just love going off of the beaten trails to enjoy views like this!  San Diego is breathtaking!

Then, there are the white, pristine beaches of Barbados!

Water as clear as glass... This sure makes swimming with the sea turtles an adventure!

Kauai, Hawaii and all her beauty!

Taking a Catamaran Cruise along the Napali Coastline was quite the experience!  Especially when the dolphins joined us!

Hmmm. Panama City is not that far!  Something to think about!

When I visited New York, it was warm.  Probably not the case at this moment in time!

Our Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic was quite perfect!  And no, this is not a screensaver!  I actually took this as we adventured to the Saona Island just off of the coast of the DR!

Punta Cana...meaning point of the Palms!

I just had to throw this in!  Don't you just love the architecture of the Biltmore Estate!

Lastly, my most recent trip.  The Dominican Republic. Again.  This time, Puerto Plata.  

Hopefully reading this has been inspiring and not depressing!  Stay warm out there!  

"Reading takes you somewhere to go when you have to stay where you are."

...and where we are is not such a bad place to be!!