Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Dresser Redo

Thrifty Thursday

Each Thursday I will be putting up a "Thrifty Thursday" post on here to show things I get from a thrift store and how I repurpose them.  Today, I will show you a nasty dresser/baby changing table and what I did to make it BEautiful.


I'm sure you have seen these all the time.  Nasty....Old.... and Ready for the Dump! On the flipside, I saw that it had two things going for it.  Good bones and Cheap!

I won't get into a lot of diy steps right now since this was a project that I did last year (long before I thought about blogging).  The next project I tackle, I promise to take pictures and give very detailed steps.  For now, here's a little of what I did:

1.  Clean it really good with a cleaner like TSP (Trisodium Phosphate). 
2.  Rough up the surface with a quick sanding.  (Even if it is not real wood, sand the surface so that the paint can stick!)
3.  Clean the surface again with soap and water. Let dry.
4.  Put at least one coat of a good quality primer like Kilz.  (You might want to add more coats. That's up to you!)
5.  Let the primer dry according to the directions on the can.
6.  Time to paint your piece the color of your choice.  (I used Well Water by Valspar with a Satin finish.  The glossier the surface, the easier it will be to clean!) You will probably have to add 2-3 coats to get the piece completely covered.  Remember to let the paint dry between each coat.
7.  Now for the fun part!  Distressing!  You will want to buy a tinted glaze.(I used one with brown tones that can be found in most home improvement stores in the paint section.) I have no rhyme or reason to this part. I just brush it on with a paint brush or sometimes I wipe it on with a rag.  You don't want to cover the whole piece, just areas where there might naturally be more wear.  After you wipe the glaze on, you will want to wipe it off and sort of rub it in.  This is the artsy part that is hard to explain.  You will just have to practice to get the hang of it.  You really can't mess it up!  If you get too much glaze on, just wipe it all off and try again!  After you achieve the ideal amount of distressing for your taste, just let it dry!
8.  Cover with a clear protectant. I sometimes don't get around to this part....  If the piece of furniture is going to be in a low traffic area with no drinks that will be set on it, you will be fine!  Do this step if it is going to be used a lot!

Here it is! THE AFTER PICTURE!  I think it is the perfect piece for my guest bedroom!


Confession:  This is my opinion of how to redo a dresser.  Not sure if I have followed proper painting etiquette!  I just know that this method works for me!  The way that I look at it, diy has no rules as long as it works for you!!!  Good luck on salvaging your next piece!

Here's to your happily ever after...picture!

The After Picture

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