Friday, January 24, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Frame Redo

It's a FABULOUS FRIDAY Y'ALL!!  Especially when they call school off for me!  I meant to write a "Thrifty Thursday" post yesterday, but totally came home and passed out after work!  I think I am going into hibernation mode!  I love the cold, but I think my body is wishing for summer and flip-flops!!  Today, it's like 10 degrees outside.  Too cold for painting.  Monday was a different story. It was 50 degrees or so and I was off school for Martin Luther King Day!  When it's a nice day outside, I take advantage of that and breakout the paint cans!  As you will start to notice...most of my projects include spray paint!

Here is a frame that I just had to paint and distress.  I have big plans for this piece!  I have chicken wire and clothespins that will turn this frame into a picture display center for my living room!  I think this will be great to change out pictures and other seasonal items easily.  I will post more pictures as soon as I get the chicken wire in!

This is what it looked like before.

I found it in my mom's garage!  She is a total pack-rat!  Sadly, I have taken after her and now my husband has to suffer!  

I spray painted it with a flat, white paint.  Spray paint dries really fast so this project took no time to do!

Pour some tinted mixing glaze in a paper cup.  You only need a few tablespoons for this project.

Start in one corner of the painted frame.

With a paintbrush, cover the entire corner with the tinted glaze.  Make sure that you fill in those cracks really well.  This will help show all of those intricate details better.

It is very important to not let it dry.  Immediately start wiping it off with a paper towel, rag, or old sock.

Keep rubbing it in until it is perfectly distressed!

You will want to do the same thing with the sides of the frame.  I just do a messy job of painting on the glaze.  This project is great for people that have a hard time with precision.  The quicker and messier you do this project the better!!

Here it is!  The AFTER PICTURE!

As I said before, I will post more pics to show you how I turn this into a picture board using chicken wire and clothespins!!

Stay Warm,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Sconce Makeover

It's "Thrifty Thursday" again!!  I'm so excited to post these!  I'm sure you've seen sconces like these in yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets! I bought this set for $3.00 at a local thrift store the other day...

This was a super easy re-do!  All I did was put one coat of spray paint!  (After I cleaned them up, of course!)  The color is "Blue Ocean Breeze-Gloss" from Krylon ColorMaster.  I picked this up at Wal-Mart for under $4.00.  

My total cost for this project was was around $7.00!!  I can't wait to put these on the wall! 
(Don't forget to use the dripless candles that can be found at any craft store!)

Here's to your happily every after...picture!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: A Thrift Store DIY Wreath

Thrifty Thursday Project

Keep reading to see how I made a wreath out of those old blazers and skirts you are always seeing in the thrift store!  This project was cheap and FUN!


What you will need:

For the wreath:

  • scissors
  • wreath frame (shown in the pictures below)
  • the coolest fabric you can find from old skirts, shirts, blazers, and other pieces of clothing found at the thrift store (it doesn't really matter what kind of long at it is cool)

For the awesome letter embellishment:

  • wood letter and your favorite color of spray paint
  • a few drops of hot glue


This wreath frame came from Wal-Mart for $2.77.

This fabric all came from old skirts and blazers that I found...of the thrift store!!  I chose to go with a herringbone/ houndstooth scheme. My total cost here was $2.00. You certainly could use fabric from the fabric store or craft department as well!

You will want to cut the strips about 8.5" long by 1.5"wide.  I cut one and used it as a template.

Don't worry about cutting too exact!  You will find perfection in the imperfections with this project!

Petie, get out of the way! I'm trying to work!

Ok, seriously! Petie, move!

He thinks he is so cute!!  Ok.... He is! 

Finally, back to work! You will be cutting a bunch!  More than I have pictured here for sure! Since some pieces of my fabric were bigger than others to start out with (i.e. skirts and blazers not being exactly the same size), I had an uneven amount of strips!  This is where you get creative!  There are 9 sections on my wreath frame so I made 9 piles of strips and tried to keep the amounts of each fabric as even as possible in each pile... Remember, you don't have to be perfect!  I used 15-20 strips in each section.  I know! It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't!  I did this project in one evening! I probably would have been done sooner if PETIE would have left me alone for a little while!!  But, he's so sweet!  I can't fuss about him too much!  

This shows how I got started tying the knots!

Just slide the strip under the wire...

Tie one simple knot and you are done!  Just 1,884 left to go!! Ok, maybe not that many!

Keep going and just in just one evening...

a beautiful new wreath for your door!!!

Don't forget to add your letter!  I bought this wood letter at Wal-Mart for $1.77 and used some spray paint that I had already to make it this lovely avocado color!  After it dries, squirt some hot glue on the back and stick that sucker where ever your heart chooses! 

My total cost was just under $7.00!

Here to your happily ever after...picture!


P.s. Shopping at the thrift store is not only cost effective, but also eco friendly as well!  Also, most thrift stores support certain programs in our communities such as animal shelters and programs that help people in need.  My favorite is the thrift store in town set up to support our local animal shelter.  All items in the store are donated and all workers are volunteers.  100% of the money I spend there goes straight to the animals!  How awesome is that!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Think Warm!!

School is cancelled tomorrow for me, so I have some extra time to reminisce tonight.  I have my hot tea, my blanket, and all of my travel photos that I'm looking through on Facebook.  I'm not wishing I were someplace else, exactly....I'm just trying to think of places that may warm my soul on a night like tonight.  (We are expecting -degree temps and snow here in East Tennessee tonight.)  Who knows!  I just might inspire you to start planning a little vacation yourself!

The seal sanctuary in La Jolla is a must do if you visit the San Diego area.  So sweet!

I just love going off of the beaten trails to enjoy views like this!  San Diego is breathtaking!

Then, there are the white, pristine beaches of Barbados!

Water as clear as glass... This sure makes swimming with the sea turtles an adventure!

Kauai, Hawaii and all her beauty!

Taking a Catamaran Cruise along the Napali Coastline was quite the experience!  Especially when the dolphins joined us!

Hmmm. Panama City is not that far!  Something to think about!

When I visited New York, it was warm.  Probably not the case at this moment in time!

Our Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic was quite perfect!  And no, this is not a screensaver!  I actually took this as we adventured to the Saona Island just off of the coast of the DR!

Punta Cana...meaning point of the Palms!

I just had to throw this in!  Don't you just love the architecture of the Biltmore Estate!

Lastly, my most recent trip.  The Dominican Republic. Again.  This time, Puerto Plata.  

Hopefully reading this has been inspiring and not depressing!  Stay warm out there!  

"Reading takes you somewhere to go when you have to stay where you are."

...and where we are is not such a bad place to be!!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Dresser Redo

Thrifty Thursday

Each Thursday I will be putting up a "Thrifty Thursday" post on here to show things I get from a thrift store and how I repurpose them.  Today, I will show you a nasty dresser/baby changing table and what I did to make it BEautiful.


I'm sure you have seen these all the time.  Nasty....Old.... and Ready for the Dump! On the flipside, I saw that it had two things going for it.  Good bones and Cheap!

I won't get into a lot of diy steps right now since this was a project that I did last year (long before I thought about blogging).  The next project I tackle, I promise to take pictures and give very detailed steps.  For now, here's a little of what I did:

1.  Clean it really good with a cleaner like TSP (Trisodium Phosphate). 
2.  Rough up the surface with a quick sanding.  (Even if it is not real wood, sand the surface so that the paint can stick!)
3.  Clean the surface again with soap and water. Let dry.
4.  Put at least one coat of a good quality primer like Kilz.  (You might want to add more coats. That's up to you!)
5.  Let the primer dry according to the directions on the can.
6.  Time to paint your piece the color of your choice.  (I used Well Water by Valspar with a Satin finish.  The glossier the surface, the easier it will be to clean!) You will probably have to add 2-3 coats to get the piece completely covered.  Remember to let the paint dry between each coat.
7.  Now for the fun part!  Distressing!  You will want to buy a tinted glaze.(I used one with brown tones that can be found in most home improvement stores in the paint section.) I have no rhyme or reason to this part. I just brush it on with a paint brush or sometimes I wipe it on with a rag.  You don't want to cover the whole piece, just areas where there might naturally be more wear.  After you wipe the glaze on, you will want to wipe it off and sort of rub it in.  This is the artsy part that is hard to explain.  You will just have to practice to get the hang of it.  You really can't mess it up!  If you get too much glaze on, just wipe it all off and try again!  After you achieve the ideal amount of distressing for your taste, just let it dry!
8.  Cover with a clear protectant. I sometimes don't get around to this part....  If the piece of furniture is going to be in a low traffic area with no drinks that will be set on it, you will be fine!  Do this step if it is going to be used a lot!

Here it is! THE AFTER PICTURE!  I think it is the perfect piece for my guest bedroom!


Confession:  This is my opinion of how to redo a dresser.  Not sure if I have followed proper painting etiquette!  I just know that this method works for me!  The way that I look at it, diy has no rules as long as it works for you!!!  Good luck on salvaging your next piece!

Here's to your happily ever after...picture!

The After Picture

P.S. Feel free to Pin away!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fav Finds of 2013

I have become an freak since I started my shop a little over a year ago.  You can find my shop on my blog or go to .  I focus on vintage items, burlap frames, and personalized mugs. While working to build my shop, I came across some AWESOME pieces from other Etsy shops that I would love to share with you! So, here it is!  My list of favorite handmade items that I purchased in 2013 from!

Chevron Infinity Scarf - Mint, Black, Yellow, Coral Red

from SageKandCo

I ordered the black and white one!  This is my go to scarf to wear with dresses or jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt!  I'm thinking now that I should just go ahead and order the other colors! 

white cloud teaspoon rest - 4 3/4 inches

from JDWolfePottery

I do the coffee thing more than tea, but this makes an awesome spoon rest for when I stir my coffee.  I just love the look it has! 

Goats Milk Soap - Tupelo Honey - Olive Oil Bar Soap - Cold Process Soap

from SummerfieldSoaps

This is the best soap I have ever used!  I love the smell and the clean feeling it leaves!  My skin is the best it has ever been.  Do research on Goat's Milk Soap.  You will find that it does wonders for your skin!

Chevron Return Address Stamp - Personalized Self Inking Stamper

from MJsArtStamps

I bought this with our name and address mostly to use for my packages that I mail out from my Etsy shop, but have found that this is so cute and handy to use for letters and cards that I send out as well!  It is self inking and will pretty much never run out.  Way cheaper than ordering those stickers!

Leather Women Watch - Leather Wrist Watch - Women's Leather Wrist Watch


I love, love, love this watch and it was only like $16!  It has a leather band with a gold face so it matches all of my outfits!

All Natural Goat's Milk Lotion Shea Butter and Essential Oils Helps With Psoriasis Prone Skin

from TwoGirlsSugarSwirls

Ok, here I go with the goat's milk again....I'm telling you, just try it!  This lotion has been awesome!  I ordered the Black Raspberry Vanilla.  Not sure if I will try any other flavors since I love this one so much!  It says it helps with Psoriasis prone skin.  I have dry skin, especially in the winter, and it has helped so much!

So, there it is!  My top picks from 2013!  I'm looking forward to all the cool finds that I will run across in 2014!  Thanks for reading!  Feel free to comment if you have any favorites from 2013 that you would like to share!

Here's to your AFTER PICTURE!